Peaceful Parenting

Jeremy and I have a really clear objective for our parenting: we never want to shout at our children. 

Before we got pregnant we met with a life coach who encouraged us to identify our parenting goals and we both agreed we never want to have to discipline our children: we want well behaved ones. 

Happily, neither of our darlings have given us a moment’s worry. I always watch those other mothers having to shout at their wild kids at Young Ones Yoga on Thursdays and I just feel so bad for them. Ambrose might not be the most enthusiastic boy on the yoga mats but it’s only because he is too intelligent to take direction. 


Nectar is my first born and our precious princess. She’s a real daddy’s girl and Jeremy just adores her- they have such a special relationship. 

Nectar isn’t just a beauty, she is so bright. Her teacher took me aside to tell me ‘There’s a fine line between bright and downright precocious and Nectar tends to lean to the latter’. I have never been so proud and I’m glad the school recognise her talents. 


Ambrose is our much longed for boy. He is utterly divine. My mother-in-law says he’s ‘a spoilt little bugger’ but I think she was joking. He’s just strong-willed and I really admire that. 

At the moment I’m home-schooling Ambrose. Partly because I’m bored and unfulfilled and partly because he got invited to leave the local Montissouri after he smuggled in Pepperamis to sell. He’s so enterprising. 

My Darling Husband

Since we met at university, Jeremy and I have been joyfully coupled, co-habiting blissfully and creating our own functional and charming family. 

Together we have created a home filled with photos of our graduation through to our  charity work in Arfricar through to the candle-lit water birth of our first child. 

I’m so lucky to have married my best and only true friend. He works so hard to provide for us. Jeremy stays at our London flat four nights a week. When he’s away, it’s like part of my soul is missing. I’m sure Jeremy feels the same but a decade at boarding school means he finds it hard to communicate his inner thoughts. 

About me

I am a SAHM with my DS and DD and DH who WITC. We live in the Cotswolds while my husband,  Jeremy, commutes four days a week. 

Since graduating from Cambridge with first class honours in PPE, I have found my real calling in raising our children, Ambrose (6) and Nectar (9).