With my two children, absent husband, and a staff of three to manage, I can, like most women, feel overwhelmed.

I nearly didn’t post this photo because I look dreadful- but #authentic

Over the years, I’ve found a number of ways to unwind.

Spa Breaks

Book four nights away with the gals and a nearby country manor. You can save money by bringing your champagne and then treat yourself to the onsite pampering facilities.

The only time the help can touch me

Winter Sun

We all know how long winter feels and how sad it is to see our St Tropez tans fade (the actual place, not the bottled one- imagine!). Winter is the time when true friends rally- don’t be afraid to reach out on the WhatsApp group and someone’s sure to lend you their holiday home.

Buy Things

A cashmere shawl, a new silk blouse, a leather bag: we deserve little treats now and then.

Nourish Your Body

Nibble a RAW Org fruit bar. They’re sugar-, dairy-, and preservative-free. Did you say organic…or orgasmic?!

Be kind to yourself

I always start my day by asking my family to tell me three things they love about me. It really helps the soul.

If all else fails, I just wipe some sudacrem on my cheek and bask.

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