The Perfect Photo

Hi guys,

Loads of you have requested a BtS (behind the scene) blog about how I shoot my pics.

They’re incredibly popular and have repinned hundreds of times.

First, I make sure house is empty- I can’t work when the children are at home. Nectar thinks because she did photography in third year that she’s qualified to make scathing remarks and Ambrose tries to eat the props.

Next, I get a trug from the boot room and collect different items that might work. This can take half a day- factoring in coffee breaks. Then I lay them out and move them around. Then I take a photo using my expensive camera that I haven’t really learnt to use but always takes good snaps #naturallygifted.

Here’s the result and some analysis

First things first, the glasses are Nectar’s from her bookish phase- I don’t want you to think I’ve got anything but 20/20! The books were a gift from J’s mother- she knows I don’t read, she’s just being spiteful. The leaves and cones etc have been collected by the gardener- I briefed him to scour the garden for the perfect look and got him to chop down a small tree which was just the perfect circumference for what is envisaged. The bedsheets are only John Lewis: I shot this snap in the au pair’s bed as didn’t want earwigs in mine.

So there you go, guys. It takes a team and not all of you will be able to pull it off but don’t let that stop you from trying. I love being an inspiration. ❤️

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