Commuter Conundrum

I’ve had loads of requests for this post – so many of you have DM’d me asking me for tips and hacks for how to survive a marriage where one commutes. I hope you find this as useful as I find my own advice.


Basics first- a small flat in the City. Jeremy has his little two-bedder near the office where he crashes four nights a week.

Live Near the Train Line

I made it clear I wasn’t willing to be chauffeur for the 6am train so J just takes his road bike down the hill to the station. Ideal for everyone!

Make the Weekends Count

After a full on week managing the au pairs and scheduling ski trips, I need my weekends to count. That’s why I always book in an hour’s Me Time for each day that starts with an S. (See my previous blog Remunerate to Rejuvinate)

Family Time

Having a parent who is away from the family home most of the week can have a long term effect on children. This is why Jeremy and I never let a weekend past without texting them even though they’re not meant to have their phones at boarding school (don’t tell!).

Me making time for the family

I’m a Best Seller!

You guys! You are the absolutely best! Thank you again for all your preorders of my book- Parenting: Learning on the Journey.

My editor just phoned whilst I was at the salon- I’m in the bestseller list for the Mumpreneur section!!!


I cried so much I nearly had to blow my nose in public- totally overwhelmed!

Just finishing up one of my last chapters- Luxury Interiors: from curtains to colonics.


So psyched!

Summer Hols are Here!

Don’t you just love the summer? The smell of the hay being cut in the back field, the Aga finally being off, the vindication that you were right to buy a house with a pool. Glorious!

This summer is super special because Jeremy and I have both taken breaks from work so we can finally spend time together- something we rarely do. We’ve taken advantage of the kids being in Tennis Camp for the fortnight (check it out- – #afflink) and we’ve packed the Landie and heading off to Norfolk. Can’t wait! More in a post to follow!

See you on the other side, guys!

J&I love our pool- but can’t wait to have a real rest