The Sisterhood

Some people think that, because I’ve married a fabulously wealthy man and dropped out of the rat-race, I can’t be a feminist and that just makes me angry. I hate women who judge. 

Yes, ok, my nine year old DD plucks her eyebrows and wants to marry a footballer when she’s older but I have done everything in my power to parent gender-neutrally. 

I guess it just really makes me feel judged when other mums hate on me for letting Nectar wear make-up to school. I mean, everyone knows being clever is never enough. You’ve got to look the part, too. I think maybe they’re jealous because their daughters are ugly?

Anyway, all I’m saying is that we’ve got support each other. Us women have to stick together!

Just a gentle reminder to my gorgeous readers that I moderate comments and any remarks about ‘bra-burning’, ‘MILFs’ and any use of the ‘c word’ will be deleted. Thanks guys!

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