My Beauty Regime

First, let me start by saying I am naturally blessed with good genes so my make-up tends to be minimal, but a few of you have been asking how I look so flawless so here goes!

My first secret is water: I fully commit to drinking over five litres a day. I buy specially filtered water from my local whole food shop. With water you get what you pay for so cheaper bottles tend not to have such a high electrolyte count. 

My next secret is sleep. I’m so blessed because my children have always slept straight through which is lucky because the nursery was always on the top floor of the house and I couldn’t be running up and down two flights of stairs- however good it’d be for the glutes! Before I go to sleep, I douse my pillow with lavender extract and listen to a relaxing app called Sounds of a Quiet Office at Work. Jeremy says all my essential oils make him queasy and that’s why he often sleeps in the spare room. 

So that’s it really guys! Genes, water and sleep! That and at least three hours a week at Tanya’s Beauty Salon in Chipping Camden: she’s a magician.

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