Easter: a time for healthy eating and thankfulness 

I don’t think it’s acceptable to use Easter as an excuse to let standards slip. 

Because my children are at the most prestigious private school in the Cotswolds area, they naturally have very long holidays. Everyone knows the rule: the more you pay, the less they go. I was just laughing with Tiffany that Nectar’s been home since mid-March!

It’s really important to use this time for wholesome, family activities. I so believe that spending time as a family is important. That’s why I set out a whole schedule of craft activities for the children to do with the nanny whilst I’m at a spa with the girls. 

I am so ready for this girls’ break: it’s been really stressful trying to sort out rotas for cleaners and childcare what with all these Bank holidays. Inconvenient. 

Jeremy has taken some time off work for the Easter break. It is nice having him home to help out but sometimes he can be really critical. Just yesterday he asked me if I fancied doing something fun soon. He was implying I was boring and I was livid so I took the Evoque and drove off to book club without saying goodbye. 

And I know I am fun because I’ve spent quite a long time on Pinterest planning an Easter egg hunt with a twist. I wanted to find something that was a bit different and I’m super excited about it. Basically, they follow a load of clues that I’ve written in my calligraphy class and at the end they have a prize. I’m so pleased because, as my children never eat chocolate (dairy intolerance), I have made a donation to Oxfam and they each have a certificate to say they’ve bought a chicken for a family in Sudan. They’ll be thrilled! I did the same for Nectar’s stocking last Christmas and she took the certificate in to show her friends. I was so proud. It never came home actually, I must chase that up. 

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