Book Progress

You lovely lot! I’m so delighted how many of you have preordered my novel Parenting: Learning on the Journey!

I have been busy tip-tapping away in the summer house but the thing that really takes the time is research.

For my chapter If I Were You I have gone undercover at a local primary in Chipping Chowden to see what real poverty is like (it’s rated ‘good’ by Ofsted 🤦🏼‍♀️). I also interviewed our most recent au pair to get her perspective but reading back through my notes she was actually pretty evasive so that was rather a waste of time. I also tried to interview Jeremy for a dad’s perspective but he said he wasn’t qualified to comment.

I am absolutely loving using my brain again- just yesterday I spent over an hour coming up with a metaphor for childbirth and couldn’t have enjoyed myself more!

The ‘fruits of my labours’ !

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