Commuter Conundrum

I’ve had loads of requests for this post – so many of you have DM’d me asking me for tips and hacks for how to survive a marriage where one commutes. I hope you find this as useful as I find my own advice.


Basics first- a small flat in the City. Jeremy has his little two-bedder near the office where he crashes four nights a week.

Live Near the Train Line

I made it clear I wasn’t willing to be chauffeur for the 6am train so J just takes his road bike down the hill to the station. Ideal for everyone!

Make the Weekends Count

After a full on week managing the au pairs and scheduling ski trips, I need my weekends to count. That’s why I always book in an hour’s Me Time for each day that starts with an S. (See my previous blog Remunerate to Rejuvinate)

Family Time

Having a parent who is away from the family home most of the week can have a long term effect on children. This is why Jeremy and I never let a weekend past without texting them even though they’re not meant to have their phones at boarding school (don’t tell!).

Me making time for the family

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