What I Got For Christmas

As you know, I’m totally against the blind consumerism of Christmas but many of you have been asking what my DH got me for Christmas.

As I’ve mentioned, I really just wanted precious family time but, just in case, I sent Jeremy an email with suggestions and web links.  I think he just forwarded the whole thing to his secretary because he bought me the lot. I think that’s a bit thoughtless, actually.

So, this is what J got me:

1) Cashmere cardigan (in cream)

2) White Company pyjamas

3) Designer bag (it’d be tacky to be specific but just keep in mind it was VERY expensive)

4) A weekend’s flower arranging course in London

5) Tiffany heart bracelet (actually wanted the necklace)

I put a great deal of thought in to Jeremy’s present and in the end commissioned a rather large oil painting of me. It’s a tad racy but I’m pleased with how it looks. Jeremy says he’s going to put it in the London flat. I was rather hoping he’d put it in our entrance hall.



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